What makes roller shutters immensley popular?

Posted on December 27, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Why do many people say that roller shutter doors offer utmost privacy and security for their home or business? Highlighting a single reason can always be a difficult task because there are plenty of reasons to choose from. Here are the most important benefits of roller shutters:

1) Optimal noise insulation

Aluminium shutters with CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) –free and sound absorbing insulating foam reduce the noise level significantly and you can enjoy optimal amount of noise insulation with the help of these types of shutters.

2) Higher degree of security

Roller shutters offer excellent security for the building. It is mainly because they are closely fitted to the door and they cannot be pulled away quite easily. Apart from being an outstanding physical deterrent; they also act as a brilliant visual deterrent and you will never have to worry about the presence of unwanted and irritating intruders.  

3) Better control

Roller shutter doors provide great control over the amount of light that enters your home or office at any given time. When you lower the shutter, the room becomes darker completely and keeping the shutters wide open makes your room really brighter as well. You can partially open the shutters based on your exclusive lighting requirements. In addition to that; these types of shutters also offer adequate control over ventilation. If you want fresh air, you can leave the doors fully open and for a little bit of fresh air, you can keep them partially open as well.

3) Best weather protection

These types of shutters protect your home or office during hostile weather conditions. When a storm rolls in, you can close the shutters to feel completely secure and these doors also protect you against embers in the event of bushfire by deflecting them away. It does not matter whether you have to deal with wind, rain or snow; these shutters provide utmost protection against solar radiation. When you use roller shutters, the rooms remain cool and shaded and, your floor coverings and furniture can also be protected in the best possible manner.

4) Optimal energy saving

Primary fuel consumption can be reduced significantly with top quality front-mounted roller shutters because there is no medium between the shutter system and interior room by which the heat can escape. Various studies have clearly shown that front-mounted shutters reduce the heat loss by 20 % compared to glass doors.

5) Operational efficiency

You can operate roller shutters quite easily using a remote control and there is no need to worry about any surface-mounted or flush-mounted control lines as well. You can install a radio remote control with minimal time and effort and, with the help of a light sensor and an automatic control unit; these doors can be operated in a hassle free manner.


Other benefits of roller shutter doors include better protection from insects, long life span and many more. All these aspects have played the most prominent role in making these types of shutter doors hugely popular and the recent trends clearly show that the popularity of shutter doors is going to reach better heights in the immediate future.

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