Types of garage doors

Posted on July 20, 2014 at 10:12 pm

There are several types of garage doors and mechanisms: Sectional, Roller, Round the Corner, Side Hinged and others. Electrically operated doors tend to be more expensive, and the garage door as a whole becomes cheaper or more expensive when you add the type of door material be it metal or wood or PVC etc.
A Canopy up and over operating system is quite simple and works by having cables lift the door.  You can recognise this because when the door is open, about one third of the door protrudes out, hence canopy.
The retractable up and over is similar to the canopy, however the side mounted arms can restrict your drive through space, so be cautious of this. The side mounted arms lift and carry the weight because of tension springs.
A compromise is the Retractable PLUS up and over. This is just like the previous operating system, however, the lifting arms are positioned higher up in the frame so as not to interfere and reduce the drive through space.

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