There are more! – types of garage doors

Posted on July 24, 2014 at 5:58 pm

We have already discussed 3 types of garage doors in our previous post but we’re afraid there are more! Along with custom made doors there are 2 main types that we have yet to discuss – sectional and round the corner:

  • Sectional Garage doors offer a higher level of security. They can be made of thicker/stronger/more resistant materials and can be insulated. They are similar to roller doors, by how they operate. They are pulled up into the roof of the garage by vertical tracks, but instead of curling up into a roll they follow the roof. These types of doors can even be made from wood as they are made up of horizontal panels. These types can be converted to remote control use.
  • Round the corner are also able to be made from wood, in-fact they usually are constructed from timber panels. However, you can purchase them in other materials, namely metals like aluminium and steel. You can have 1 door, that crosses your entire garage, or you can select two (called bi-parting) which meet in the middle. They are pulled aside and the panels curve around the wall(s) and into the garage. They can be either remote or manually operated.

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