Taking your garage back to basics

Posted on December 20, 2017 at 10:04 pm

Garages were once only used to store vehicles like cars and motorbikes, but over the years they’ve become another room in the house. Some people use the garage as a utility room, others use it as a gym and some will even transform it into an office. That said, there might come a time when you decide to use it to keep your vehicle safe again, taking the garage back to basics, so to speak.

In some cases, it can just be a case of removing the clutter so you have absolutely nothing left in your garage, but there are ways in which you can create space for the vehicle yet still have some space for other household items. Let’s say your garage just about fits your car, there may be some wall space left over where you can mount your bike, ladder or possibly erect some shelving for every day tools and other items. You may also need to make a decision on the type of flooring that’s best for your vehicle. Having concrete alone can be rather dusty so your vehicle may never stay squeaky clean, but if you were to add floor paint to the concrete, you could create very tidy flooring that’s designed to withstand heavy loads, such as that of a BMW X5!

With some garages, you have much more space left over, and this could simply be because your vehicle is very small, and in this situation you can utilise the area for a completely different purpose. Having some kind of transition to the area, such as a rail, curtain or sliding door can separate the areas, meaning you get a mini gym or office, with a regular car storage area to the side. So going back to basics doesn’t mean going all the way back to basics!

Of course, even if you’re using your garage specifically for keeping your vehicle safe, you do need to make sure your garage door is extremely strong, durable and secure. Hormann doors go one-step further as they not only offer you the protection you need, but they also look incredibly stylish too. What’s more, they come in a range of operation modes, so you can decide between automatic and manual, whilst they can be made as up and over, round the corner, sectional, roller or side hinged among other options.

If you want to utilise your garage space for its intended purpose, storing a vehicle, you need to keep the space clear so the vehicle can enter and exit without scraping anything, but you also need to ensure the door and surrounding brickwork is of the highest quality. As discussed, the right type of flooring helps too, and ideally it should be a floor that’s easy to clean yet designed to withstand a reasonable amount of weight, and having floor paint on top of concrete is a very cost-effective option. It will also be very easy to maintain and clean going forwards, whilst there will unlikely be any repairs needed either, at worst you may need to apply some floor more paint further down the line, but that’s all!

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