Security grilles for windows and doors

Posted on February 15, 2016 at 1:33 pm

For a long time, people have chosen security grilles for both commercial and residential purposes. Both window and door grilles are important in ensuring that your property is protected against any opportunist burglar. In this article, we provide you with the benefits of installing grilles and the effect grilles will have on the affected people.

Grilles are more functional

Grilles aren’t just visual deterrents. A window or door grille installed on your property will not only act as a visual deterrent, but will also provide a higher level of security to your doors and windows which may be classified as vulnerable. Mostly, producers use galvanised steel when producing grilles to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing in the way they are designed. Grilles are also robust and provide greater level of security to both residential and commercial properties.

During summer, people leave their windows open to facilitate air circulation in the rooms. This lowers the security level of both the commercial and the residential properties since the risk of leaving the windows open increases. Burglary can have devastating effects on your business and family life. Its effects include loss of sentimental possessions and fallings victims of violence which can be catastrophic.

What are the benefits of grilles over alarms?

Security grilles have many benefits over roller shutters, security alarms and even fixed bars. The effectiveness of intruder or burglar alarms is highly based on their performance as deterrent. Over 30 years ago, alarms were not common and they were generally an effective deterrent. And because today they have become very common, this is not the case.

Almost every burglar knows that people do not monitor alarms and if they are monitored, the police will take some time to arrive. An average burglar can be in and out of your property within a few minutes if your windows’ glass isn’t physically protected. Moreover, the use of alarms is usually limited in premises occupied or around animals.

The advantages of grilles over roller shutters

Roller shutters are the other most common kind of lockable physical security. Grilles have many benefits over roller shutters in both domestic and commercial situations. Some of their benefits include:

• Better on security

When installed on the inside of the window, the intruder will have to risk detection by breaking the glass prior to tackling the security grille. If the grilles are installed on the outer side, the intruder will have to remove them first. A fixed behind window frame will prevent an intruder from accessing the grille.

• Better on safety and practicality

Retractable grilles allows in light which is essential in providing a clear view outside including when the grille is totally drawn. When the grille is drawn and locked, you can open the window. They are also maintenance free and feature an easier sliding action.

• Better on appearance

Grilles have no ugly frames and boxes on the outside. When not in use, they will stack properly behind your curtains.

Advantages of grilles over fixed bars

One advantage related to sliding grilles is that you can easily unlock them in cases of emergency. Any kind of physical security that you can’t unlock is a potential death trap and you should never consider it in an occupied building whether it is a commercial or domestic building.

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