Roller Shutter Door – Keep out Intruders

Posted on November 23, 2015 at 5:07 pm

Preventing break-ins or weather damage from occurring isn’t always as easy as buying some new locks, and hi-tech security systems can be expensive. There is another way, however, to deter would-be burglars and costly weather damage: roller shutter doors.


They seem to be everywhere and surely you’ve heard them being rolled down at closing time. The loud metal scraping together, or a whiny motor whirring as it struggles to keep the entire door from falling. Metal hinges, and the characteristic metal panelling help deter burglars and protect storefronts from weather damage such as hail and high winds.


Though they might not be the most fashionable way to deter break-ins, these doors are imposing and short of some special tools, offer great storefront protection. Security cameras might be stealthy, but it seems easier to deter thoughts of a break-in before ever being attempted, saving property damage and financial headaches from ever occurring.

While those are the obvious advantages, you might be surprised to learn that other benefits come along with the doors as well. The metal panelling, and foam insulation help keep noise levels down in your home or business, and work much better than heavy drapes or wooden shutters. That same panelling has the added benefit or energy savings as well. The door completely covering the front of a window or door helps keep all of that warm air inside, or outside depending on the day and climate. This saves your home or business money, and keeps you from having to spend it on more expensive windows and other amenities to get the same benefits.


It is easy to see how these doors could be unsightly and turn a beautiful home or storefront into something lifeless. Don’t fret; there are a wide range of colour options, panelling styles, motorised operation, and especially being made to order, which will keep the décor looking great all year round. These doors are a quick security and weather protection option that businesses, and private residences, may choose to employ. Easy to operate and with both manual and motorised options, this is the clear choice for protection from dangerous weather, break-ins, and even adding to the energy efficiency of your home or business.


Providing a number of advantages, these doors do not have to be ugly and out of place, only to be used as a last resort. There is every reason to install and utilise the aluminium profile such that your home or place of business is protected from the wind, rain, sun, break-ins, and even provides noise reduction and energy saving insulation. The hi-tech options for all of these may cost much more than a small investment in something that truly works. The downsides include clunky metal that needs up keep over time, and loud operating mechanisms; but in reality, roller shutter doors more than make up for these with protection from the elements and cost-effective security for your home or business. Saving you money and time should be your primary concern and with these, that is exactly what you are getting.

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