Manual Garage Door to Electrically Operated

Posted on July 22, 2022 at 3:08 pm

Most one-piece and up-and-over garage doors can be converted to electrically operated doors easily with a remote control package available from many manufacturers.

There are some things to be carefully considered, you are making your garage door into a machine that can be remotely controlled so legally you have to make safety a priority. 

You will first need to identify the type of mechanism of your door. You will have either a retractable or canopy. You’ll also need to consider it might be cheaper to replace the door, gear and frame with a new package, especially if your door is a standard size. 

A retractable up and over garage door only requires a motor and a belt and chain mechanism that can be fitted in a couple of hours with a simple tool kit. 

A canopy garage door will need a more complex and potentially more expensive conversion kit and will need fitting by a professional installer. 

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