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How to make an up and over garage door more secure

Posted on August 23, 2021 at 11:29 am

A garage holds a lot of tools and equipment as well as bikes, cars and other valuables.  Here are a few things you can do to make the garage door more secure.

Installing Locking Garage Door Bolts

The locking garage door bolt kits consist of two locking mechanisms and keys. These fit on the bottom of the garage door and secure it to the frame or floor from both sides of the door.

Garage Door Defenders

Garage door defenders feature a bar and a base plate that ensures your garage door cannot be opened beyond the bar, a few millimetres at best. The base plate is fixed to the ground securely, and when the bar is unlocked from the base plate, the garage door can swing up and over freely.

Security Lights

Installing motion-activated lights around your garage will stop an intruder in their tracks for fear of being seen and identified. Though this doesn’t necessarily make your garage door physically more secure, it conveys to burglars that they are not welcome on your property.

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What are the benefits of installing a roller door on an existing garage?

Posted on June 8, 2021 at 8:16 pm

A roller door easily and effectively doubles the value of your garage and often improves its appearance and security. Here’s why:

Increased Security: The most obvious benefit is that a roller door provides greater security than an open style sectional door – especially if you live in a high crime area or have expensive tools and equipment inside the garage. A strong door can be locked, even if there is no power.

Increased Privacy: The closed door of a roller garage door will prevent neighbours looking into your garage and seeing everything that’s stored inside – making it ideal for house

Durable- roller doors are strip doors that are great in all weather conditions and withstand the test of time so make great long term value for money.

Can be used as a manual or automatic- roller doors can be operated by hand, with ease and assist you to enter and exit the garage – even if there is no power

Reduction of Heat Loss: A roller door has better insulation properties than an open sectional door and therefore prevents heat loss during cold weather, yet also maintains a cool environment during the summer months, with its great insulation properties.

Increased security: Roller doors are made from heavy duty materials and provide a high level of security. In most cases roller doors come with a lock that can be operated by key.

Transportable- if you move house, a roller door is easy to take with you should you wish to install it in your new home.

Significant cost savings- A roller door comes at a fraction of the price compared to other types of garage doors. Roller doors are also easy to install which further reduces costs.

There are many great benefits that a roller door can add to your property as outlined above. With that said, finding a trustworthy supplier is another improtant factor when it comes to selecting a new garage door for your home or work place. A supplier should be able to give you details in regards to the materials the door is made from, the mechanism used and the installation process. They should then provide you with a guide on how to maintain the garage door and mechanism system in order to give it a long life. With that said, the garage should also have a warranty when purchased, so look into what the warranty covers, including weather damage, or accidental damage etc.

The benefits of installing roller doors on an existing garage are that it is less work than replacing the entire garage, but also you can keep your old garage doors if they are in good condition. Roller doors require very little maintenance compared to sectional or up and over doors.

So what are the benefits of installing a roller door? Installing a roller door is less work than replacing an entire garage, keeping an existing garage if it is in good condition and little maintenance.

The benefits of installing a roller door are that you do not have to replace an entire garage, if it is in good condition and needs little maintenance. The roller door can be fitted to your current garage with minimal change to the actual garage, meaning less cost and a secure door for your garage. Roller doors are a great choice for any home due to them having low maintenance and being pleasing to the eye. The roller door adds great security to your home as it is solid and locks well, making it hard for intruders to break into. Roller door locks are easy to use and can be locked with one hand, meaning you do not have to fumble through your keys just to lock up.

The roller door has a thin design when it is down, which means that the car will fit without any problems or worries. This especially comes in handy for parking in tight spots or low garages. To make this even better, there are also modern roller door openers, making it easier for you to close your roller door.   Although most people think that all roller doors are the same, there are different types of them on the market. There are different materials to choose from, so this may alter the maintenance of the door, such as steel or wood, both requiring upkeep to prevent them ageing and damaging over time.

There are certainly many benefits to installing a roller door in your home, so now its just down to your choice in material that it is made from.

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Extra protection with scissor gates for your commercial garage

Posted on May 27, 2021 at 12:29 pm

Many businesses want additional protection for their commercial garages, especially if they contain valuable tools to the company. One option would be to install a Scissor Gate outside your garage doors for extra protection. Scissor gates are a unique type of door available to the commercial sector. 

Scissor gates (or accordion gates) are made from high-grade steel and are folding security gates. You can use them in conjunction with other doors, like roller garage doors or on their own. You can also close them when the main entrance is open, allowing you to work securely and maintain airflow. They lock and unlock like a regular door, so they are straightforward to use. 

They come in various colours, widths, and heights and are tailor-made to you and your business to look great and deter thieves.

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Are Electric Garage Doors Safe and Secure?

Posted on April 23, 2021 at 11:51 am

One thing that many home owners wonder when considering switching to an electric garage door, is whether or not it is safe and secure. Electric garage doors are an incredible convenience but can be a bit on the pricey side. They can range between £1,000 (without installation), all the way up to £20,000 for a top of the range electric garage door, so you want to ensure that your choice is going to be safe and secure.

To ensure that you are purchasing a garage door that is up to UK safety standards, be sure that the door is marked CE. Even with this rating, the system will need to be installed correctly for everything to operate as it should, so having it professionally fitted is the wisest choice.

When looking for an electric garage door that will be up to the police security criteria, ensure that the door is a Secured By Design accredited model. This means this type of door has undergone testing to ensure it has a high level of security.

Electric garage doors can be very safe and secure, as long as you know what standards you should be looking for.

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Sectional garage doors are surging!

Posted on April 16, 2021 at 9:16 pm

The manufacturers of sectional garage doors have not limited the applications for this type of door. In homes, commercial and industrial facilities, entertainment venues, hospitals, transportation industries (aircraft hangars), sports arenas and institutions (schools & colleges) – where a large-sized bay-type entry door is needed that makes a dynamic statement/impression – sectional garage doors are in demand today more than ever before!

How important is it to install an impressive looking / attractive / appealing entrance? Think about it… it’s most likely the first impression your home will give to your visitors. Installing a sectional overhead door with a lovely finish can be an excellent decision if you want to satisfy your desire to achieve such satisfaction.

Are sectional garage doors now more popular in the UK?

They are a growing trend when it comes to garages and you’ll see many people choosing this type of door over standard ones. When it comes to residential properties, these types of doors tend to be made from timber or steel. Some kinds of doors will most often be made from metal as they’re typically not built for comfort but instead for security purposes.

They are also designed so that if there should ever be an escalation between nations that involves a burglary or similar crime, then your property is less likely to be damaged by attacks due to their rugged construction.

Sectional doors – A much better solution than side-hinged or roller?

The side hinge has no benefit that sectional doors do not have. It is only easier to build and repair a sectional door than side hinge doors. I wouldn’t say that roller is better, they are very similar in operation, and much of your decision will come down to space and style.

Why should my garage door be stylish?

Security is important, however, you need a garage door that looks great! When it comes to purchasing a new sectional garage door, there are plenty of things that people need to consider beforehand – and knowing what these considerations are will go a long way in helping ensure that they get exactly what they want, right from the beginning. One of these things is the overall look of the door itself – it does no good if you go out and buy a new one only to find that it doesn’t look good on the house itself! There are several styles available, from classic single-car style all the way up through modern double so do assess your options early on.

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