Bay Doors for your Conservatory

Posted on February 29, 2016 at 4:48 pm

Conservatories are great direction to head towards with your property, as they help to bridge the gap between your interior and exterior environments. But no conservatory is complete without a way to open it up during the summer and let even more of the outside inside, and bay doors are certainly a way for you to do this.

Bay doors are doors that double up to open at the same time. You can choose to either open up one or both of them, which translates to meaning you get to decide how much exposure to the outside you want. Alternative are large sliding doorways, and the serve much the same function, but there is something intrinsically beautiful about being able to open up two doors and emerging into the garden.

There are a lot of beautiful conservatory and glass-room designs that include bay windows and those that include sliding doors, and there are clear advantages to both.

Sliding doorways benefit from the more seamless appearance, as they only need one handle in order to open a wide expanse. They can stretch to a encompass a far greater extent of the wall than a bay window design can.

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