A Sectional Overhead Door

Posted on August 31, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Sectional overheads are a great door design which share a lot of similarities with roller shutter doors. While, obviously, a sectional one doesn’t operate through a tracking mechanism, much like a roller door, all of the operating mechanism is contained in the space above the door, so that the entry-way remains unimpeded. Also, they can be reduced to a very small size, ensuring that all spacial usage remains at an absolute minimum, something which an overhead door fails at completely.

When you compare a sectional door to a an overhead, you can see numerous advantages, such as the increased availability of space, the ease of use and the better security. There are a few disadvantages, such as greater limits on insulation.

Most advantages and disadvantages can be overcome, no matter which type of door you want; it is all a question of how much you’re willing to spend on getting a great quality product, which brings value to your home through the aesthetics of the design, as well as its functionality.

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