A few tips to improve the security of your home / garage door

Posted on April 2, 2015 at 7:18 am

Here are ways to frustrate burglars and thieves in the local area when they target your house for a potential break-in. After all, if your house is tough to break into, they may give up and leave the area. We would recommend you follow these points to stop it from happening to you (before it’s too late);

• The first point is to add dead-bolted security screen doors to the front and back doors of your house. This will mean that these door types will become tamper-proof protecting the hinges with non-removable pins.

• The second point will focus on your main front door. It is highly recommend that you obtain a solid core or solid wood door with a deadbolt that has a one-inch throw.

• Make sure all your doors have bump-proof locks. In bumping, a burglar inserts a special key in your lock, strikes it with a hammer, and presto, he can open the door. If your locks are more than a few years old, replace them with newer bump-proof technology

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