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Switching to an Electric Garage Door

Posted on October 27, 2020 at 3:12 pm

Only just ten years ago, the available options for electric garage door types were very slim and very limited in their material and technology but things have changed a lot in the last decade. Electric garage doors now come in all sizes, types, functionality and colours but they still remain an essential part to the utilisation and security of a garage. Many modern electric garage doors provide much better insulation and security.

There are several benefits to having an electric door, especially for those that use the garage for vehicle storage as you do not have to exit the vehicle to pull it into the garage. This function is also handy when the weather is poor and you need to pop into the garage quickly, as you can open it before you get there which limits the amount of time you have to stand in the rain.

There are five different types of electric garage doors and each have a different style and way of opening.
1. Tilt
2. Panel/Sectional
3. Rolling/Roller
4. Over and Up
5. Canopy

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