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Understanding Roller Shutters And Their Benefits

Posted on February 11, 2020 at 5:29 pm

A rolling shutter serves the same purpose as curtains or drapes. They are commonly used in godowns, garages, shop stalls, and shop display windows. They are used to provide protection and safety against dangers such as fire, theft, or hostile climatic conditions like heavy wind or rain. Rolling shutter doors are adequately strong and make sure that the glass and anything inside is safe when closed.

The rolling shutter door is made of thin steel slabs that are otherwise known as slats or laths. They are usually 1.25 millimeters thick and are interlocked to each other. To access the roller shutter, two channels are installed at both sides on which the roller shutter moves upon in a vertical direction. A horizontal shaft and spring within the drum allow the roller shutter to be coiled both in and out. The door can be rolled up rather easily to the top without causing any obstruction by being off the floor.

Types Of Roller Shutters

Different types of roller shutters exist to serve different functions. Insulated roller shutters, for example, help to conserve energy within a particular space. This is because over 70% of the heat within a house leaves through the doors and windows, and so does 45% of your air conditioning.
Commercial roller shutters are constructed for use in business environments such as warehouses, shopping malls and shop displays. They are usually made out of galvanized steel thus ensuring they are both weather and rustproof. Some commercial roller shutters come with extra security equipment such as locking bolts to ensure a high level of security is maintained. They can be placed either in the exterior or the interior of the room.

Security roller shutters can be used in both residential and commercial environments. They are usually made out of aluminium or steel alloys and used to deter potential burglars because they are specially designed to increase the amount of time a criminal spends trying to gain access into a building. They also offer protection against damage or vandalism. They can be electronically customized so that it can be easier to roll them and down when needed.

Fire-rated roller shutters are used in places where a temperature rise rating is needed. they are fire-resistant and are used in industrial settings where combustible materials are in plenty. They are specially designed to protect both the interior and exterior of an opening from any heat or sudden fires.

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