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What are steel doorsets?

Posted on February 9, 2019 at 8:07 am

The steel roller door is a great choice for optimizing space, combined with safety. It can be used in several types of settings including real estate: residential, commercial, industrial. Depending on your industry and everyday process, take time to choose the right model, but one that matches the location, after all, aesthetics is also important. You should also get to know some models of steel roller doors and its characteristics, so that you discover the ideal door your space.

1. “Streaked” roller door models
Streaked and closed
This is one of the more traditional models of roller shutter. The rectangular blades are characterized by a sequence of vertical embossed friezes and horizontal partitions between blades. It is a simple model that seals all the visibility of the internal space, ideal for small shops and stores that aim to strengthen the security of the place.

Streaked and leaked
This model is similar to the previous one, differentiating from other steel doorsets only by open and wide cracks interspersed in the plate, allowing the air circulation in the space and also some visibility of the interior. It is a simple, aesthetically rudimentary model, ideal to protect spaces that need to remain airy, for example, for the conservation of products.

2. “Half Cane” Models
Half cane closed smooth
The structure of the half-cane model is similar to the models in operation, but they are modified by the aesthetics. The blades that fit one on top of the other offer greater fluidity of shape and consequent aesthetic refinement in place of the rectangular appearance of the steel winding bolt. The smooth and closed model seals all the visibility of the space.

Half micro-perforated
This model is distinguished by the presence of small holes along the length of the door leaf. This favors the aeration of the space and also imparts a sophisticated aesthetic effect, causing the door to function as a kind of veil, which leaves the interior with opaque visibility.

3. Roller doors type “grade”
In addition to the rolling shutter models made with blades, there are also models made in the form of grids. These can explore different geometric aesthetic patterns such as diamonds, rectangles in the form of “brick”, rectangles in the form of “plumb”, among other possibilities.

These doors can also be ornamental, with details worked in the grids and always offer visibility and aeration to space. The grid winding doors are used either alone or as extra reinforcement for other doors.

4. Manual and automatic
Roller doors offer possibilities for use either manually or automatically. Both possibilities have their advantages. Automatic models are best suited to garages and other spaces that require greater agility to open the door at a distance.

So there you have it. Now you know some features of roller steel door models. What is your favorite? We’d love for you to tell us in the comments!

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