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Tips on choosing a new garage door

Posted on December 6, 2018 at 9:54 pm

If you are thinking about buying a new garage door, this is a good time. There are endless designs to choose from in different materials, whilst you’re able to hone in on the level of functionality you need, whether that be manual or electric operation, security, safety or burglar protection.

Here are some tips on choosing a new garage door:

Door style

Garage doors can occupy up to a third or more of the front of the house. They can easily be one of the most visible parts of your home. When buying a new door, be sure to use a style that suits your home. Elevated panel doors are the most common type currently installed. For this reason, they come in almost every style you can imagine.

Between the doors of the panel, you can find different architectural styles. You can find styles that combine with home styles such as Cape, Ranch, Spanish, Tudor and more. They are available in different materials ranging from wood, steel, aluminium, wood, composite wood and fibreglass. There are also many styles that use high-tech materials that combine with the modern look of your home.


Installing a new door is not a DIY project. Whether you install a new door or replace an existing one, you must make sure it fits and works correctly. Improper installation can leave empty spaces that allow entry time and even damage the rail or door.


When installing a new door, you must decide whether or not you want to be insulated. Garages are generally the largest non-insulated area of your home. By insulating garage doors, you can keep your garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A Hormann garage door will always offer a good level of insulation keeping your garage nice and cosy even on those very dreary days. This is a big brand you should certainly consider when you’re weighing up your options.

If you plan to use the garage for storage or if necessary a workspace that insulates the doors. Whatever the material of your door, you can install insulating panels or plan ahead and buy a door which is pre-insulated.


The steel and aluminium doors are durable and economical but are dented. Even more in the case of aluminium, steel garage doors are available in different thicknesses. Both are also bad insulators of temperature and noise.

Wood and wood composite doors offer better insulation but require continuous painting. Composite doors are more resistant to rot and cracks that could occur on any wooden door. Fibreglass doors are used mainly in coastal areas because they are more resistant to seawater corrosion than other garage doors. The panels are light and resistant to dents but are bad insulators.

The choice of garage doors that adapt to the style of your home and your life will help you appreciate your doors. While the price is always a consideration, you should make sure to consider the pros and cons of a door during its lifetime longer than the initial cost and installation. When choosing garage doors that improve the appearance of your home, resist local time and lifestyle, you will love it for many years.

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