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What are the main types of garage doors?

Posted on September 1, 2018 at 8:47 am

Garage doors have changed in shape, size and features in the last three decades alone. Changes have occurred due to technology development, which has helped create efficient, strong and lightweight doors. The major changes are mainly those that focus on simplifying the process of opening doors to our home without sacrificing security. Modern technology has helped manufacturers design and create them according to the requirements of homeowners in 2018. In this article, we will look at the various models of garage doors that are available in the market today. These doors have different features, specifications and serve different functions

Roller doors

These doors, roll up and are suited for those people who have short aisles and have a small space. Typically, these types of doors are automatic. This feature makes it convenient because you do not have to get out of your vehicle, as you can use your remote control to open your garage door. Roller doors are suitable for the aged, those that are physically challenged and is ideal for everyone when it is raining.

The automatic roller doors are operated by using remote control which can also trigger light when it is turned on. So the door will not only open but the light will ensure you exit the car easily once in the garage.


This is a traditional garage door. It is a detached door and opens to the outside. This type of door is not recommended for people with limited space on the road, as this door requires a lot of space when opening it. That said, it’s also a very good door for residents because if they want to walk out or into the entrance, they do not need to open both doors, just one, so it’s very nice to sneak in and out without people seeing your belongings as they pass by our property.

Overhead Garage Doors

This type of door swing outwards then up and parallel to the roof of the garage. A typical model will require a lot of space, both at the ground level and at the top in order to swing freely. Having a short trail will be a major drawback because you can not stand near the door as it requires space to swing out in order to open.

Sectional Garage Doors

The main feature of this model is that the door does not need to swing out to open but can be opened by dragging it up. These are divided into large sections and open up for storage in the ceiling space of the garage.

When selecting a garage door it is good to think about the size, and type of the aisle. Also, determine whether you want an automated or non-automated door. Most of these doors are easily installed but keep in mind that when dealing with an automated door, more work and electricity may be included.

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