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Changing the colour of your garage door

Posted on May 27, 2017 at 2:34 pm

If your current garage door is looking worn and faded, or you just want a change, you could try to re-paint the door yourself. The colour of your garage door should certainly compliment your home, either by matching your front door colour or your window frames. Alternatively, you could choose a bold, bright colour to stand out from the crowd. Whichever you decide, you must make your garage door fit for a repaint, this will include cleaning and drying the door making sure it is smooth and ready for the paint to be applied. Choose a calm day with minimal wind, as you don’t want dust and dirt to be blown onto your freshly painted garage door.

If you feel your garage door to old and damaged for a re-paint, you could opt for a new garage door with your choice of colour already applied. You then have the added option of selecting the material it is made from, and the style of door you wish to be installed.

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