Built in Voice Communications for Security Doors

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 7:16 pm

Voice communications for flat’s and large commercial buildings have been around for decades. The ability to press a pre-assigned button that dials into a particular part of a large commercial or residential building is a sort after product and they are still used today.

Modern security doors now have built in voice communications. The equipment is compatible with a broad range of already install internal communication devices, making it truly versatile especially if the building is old and already has a model installed.

With this added functionality the security doors market is quite clearly turning more into a packaged and product bundled industry, where consumers, clients or customers are presented with bundles of security doors accessories as a part to entice them to purchase particular models and makes. This can make it highly appealing to certain clientele, but generally this type of process ramps up the cost of normal security doors for the mass market.

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